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The doodles and doings of Rachael Saunders, a freelance illustrator currently based in Hampshire, UK.

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So here it is! My Macmillan Children’s Book Prize 2013 submission.

"Where have all my animals gone?", written and illustrated by Rachael Saunders.

A boy named Noah decides to take his animals on an adventure.

Throughout their journey his friends begin to mysteriously disappear. Unknown to him the zookeeper is recollecting the animals and returning them to the zoo because the world outside is no longer a safe place.

Global warming, deforestation, poaching and pollution are causing these species to become extinct and safety can only be found within the zoo…

But all Noah ever wanted was for his friends to go on exciting adventures!

Follow his journey as he tries to help make the world a better place so that one day he and his animals can explore outside again.

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